Help & Support

These are some of the most common questions and customer issues we receive.
If your question is not answered below please contact us directly:

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We do not ignore e-mails. If you e-mail us and do not hear back:
Most likely our reply to you is in your spam folder or (less likely) we are being silently blocked by your e-mail provider;
sign up for a free Google or Yahoo e-mail account and try again

As of May 2019 our e-mails to customers using (UK) and (South Korea) are blocked.
Even if you e-mail us first, our replies to you will be blocked. (And you won't receive any notification.)

Purchase Problems

Can't Login /
Account Not Working

If you've just purchased a video set and can't login for the first time, you are most likely entering your username and password incorrectly. Check your confirmation e-mail from Verotel to verify your exact username and password.

Note that usernames and passwords are case sensitive.
That is there is a difference between an "T" and a "t" when entering in your username and password.

If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact us directly at the e-mail address above.

Can Login But Can't Download / View Videos
99% of the time this caused by using an outed or incompatible internet browser.

For viewing on PC or Mac we recommend a recent version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer / Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

For mobile phones or tablets we recommend Google Chrome (for Android devices) and Apple Safari (for iOS devices).

Due to incompatibilities in the authentication system our website uses, internet browsers made in mainland China (such as UC, 360, QQ, etc) usually will not work. Those using mainland Chinese internet browsers should use one of the above internet browsers when visiting the member's area of the website.

Lost Username / Password
Please use Verotel's password recovery page here or contact us directly at the e-mail address above.