Mike Adams
Total Running Time
1 Hour 16 Minutes

Featuring Mike Adams & Jeremy

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Summary & Previews
This set contains all our videos featuring Mike Adams. These videos were shot in the early days of BLS Oregon. This set also includes a video of Mike Adams spanking Jeremy.

This set includes:

1. "Frathouse Spank" w/ Mike Adams
2. "Coach Spank" w/ Mike Adams
3. "Hard Spank" w/ Mike Adams
4. "Jeremy by Mike" w/ Jeremy spanked by Mike

Definitive Edition Changes:

1. Newer Video Encoders
The earliest BLSO videos were rendered using now older video encoders and sometimes at lower settings vs. later BLSO releases. For the DE all of Mike's videos have rendered using a more modern encoder and better settings. In some cases this will improve picture quality vs. the BLSO original release.

2. 16:9 Ratio
For various reasons some of our original videos were released in a 4:3 aspect ratio, though they were originally shot in 16:9.
For the DE we've addressed this and now all videos in this set are presented in 16:9.